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Secret Honey turtleneck shirt (second hand)

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Secret Honey turtleneck shirt (second hand)

34,95 €
Varies by model

Product description

Secret Honey is a Japanese fashion brand best known for its Disney-themed and character-inspired clothing. Secret Honey is recognized for its unique blend of fantasy and fashion, offering a range of dresses, skirts, and accessories that appeal to fans of whimsical and cute styles.

Flat measurements


Length: 53,5 cm

Bust: 39 - 59 cm

Waist: 35 - 59 cm

Shoulder seam: 29+ cm + sleeves

Sleeve length: 55 cm

Sleeve around bicep: 13,5 - 23,5 cm


Length: 50 cm

Bust: 37 - 59 cm

Waist: 34,5 - 59 cm

Shoulder seam: 29+ cm + sleeves

Sleeve length: 52 cm

Sleeve around bicep: 12 - 23 cm

Condition: Excellent – Item has no signs of usage or slight unnoticeable signs of usage

Note that regarding the stated condition, this item is used (unless otherwise stated) and can have flaws that can occur once you receive the item. Read carefully the Terms and Conditions before purchasing anything.

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